Special exhibition
Hippos on the Upper Rhine – what was the Ice Age really like?
extended until 28.4.2019

... the exhibition is over!

Hippos in the Rhine? But of course – more than 115,000 years ago as numerous finds of bone and teeth have proven. In the Great State Exhibition, the Museum of Natural History in Karlsruhe takes you on a journey through time into the eventful past of the Upper Rhine and provides an unusual view of the flora and fauna of that time using impressive objects. With a total area of almost 700 m2, geological evidence, animal and plant preparations, original fossils, and impressive models illustrate what it looked like in the Upper Rhine area between 126,000 and 11,700 years ago.

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Nächste öffentliche Führungen

Sonntag, 7.4.2019, 11 Uhr
Sonntagsführung mit Dipl.-Biol. Marion Matejka
Kosten: Ausstellungseintritt, Erwachsene zzgl. 2 €

Sonntagsführung für Familien
Sonntag, 28.4.2019, 11 Uhr
Familienführung mit Dipl.-Geoökol. Stefanie Monninger
Kosten: Ausstellungseintritt, Erwachsene zzgl. 2 €

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